A collection of 150 Psalms, passed down through the millennia, for you to listen, enjoy, meditate on, learn and grow...

About PsalmsRock.Net

Over the last 25 to 35 years, there has been an explosion of modern songs produced and recorded based on the 2,500 to 3,500 year old Book of Psalms. These 150 Psalms have been passed down through the millennia in the ancient Book of Psalms in the Old Testament of The Bible.

This website is a new, unique collection which collates two or more modern recorded songs for each ancient Psalm. The songs chosen are the current song/Psalm preference list of one person. These songs are presented together on this website for everyone to purchase from their preferred source, so that they can listen, enjoy, meditate on, learn and grow.

Some of these songs are complete renditions of various Psalms, for example, Psalm 23. Other songs only take a selected verse or verses from a particular Psalm – without singing the Psalm in it’s entirety, for example Amy Grant’s ‘Thy Word’ (Psalm 119). Most, but not all, of the songs on PsalmsRock.Net are available on Spotify and YouTube. For example, Sons of Korah’s Psalm 27a & 27b are both currently available on YouTube but not on Spotify, while Psalm 27c and 27d are both not available on either platform (but like all of the music on PsalmsRock.Net are both worth purchasing from the artist directly via their website or the iTunes store). Some of the songs have extra non-Psalm lyrics added into them at the discretion of the various artists. However, all songs are clearly based on a particular Psalm, hence their presence on PsalmsRock.Net.

All 150 Psalms are allotted in order numerically on the 15 webpages, to assist with helping PsalmsRock.Net website visitors appreciate in bite size this monumental collection of these many modern songs based on the ancient Biblical writings.

Visitors can access many of the songs freely via the Spotify or YouTube links listed on PsalmsRock.Net, thanks to the various online advertisers. However, website visitors are encouraged to purchase these songs (e.g. preferably directly from the artist’s website as linked on PsalmsRock.Net, or alternatively, from one of the online stores or by purchasing a streaming service from, for example, Spotify) so that the musicians who recorded these songs can continue to earn a livelihood for their musical genius, time & hard work.

Further, the more that listeners listen to songs on platforms like Spotify, the more the income that artists receive. As such, PsalmsRock.Net recommends that people purchase their favourite Psalm songs either directly from the artist’s website or online stores like iTunes, and then listen to these songs via Spotify to further maximise the artist’s income.

Many musical styles are presented which arise from the many artists who come from their own various denominations and backgrounds, but nearly all can be reasonably considered to be essentially of English speaking Biblical origin. There are obviously now many Psalms that are also available to listen to and purchase in other languages, but sadly, these are not included on PsalmsRock.Net due to the nature of this English language website.

Where able, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube links are provided. Website visitors are encouraged to visit these links, but in particular, website visitors are encouraged to specifically support the various artists by purchasing directly from the artists’ own website. Further, visitors are encouraged to start their own Psalms playlist on their own smartphone, building this playlist slowly with a view to potentially having all 150 psalms contained therein.

The Spotify Playlist links on the About Page are a useful start – either as a Playlist in groups of 10, or alternatively as a complete 150 Psalm Spotify Playlist which can be accessed via the PsalmsRock.Net About Page Spotify link. If website visitors find these Spotify Playlist links helpful, then visitors are encouraged to follow on Spotify both PsalmsRock.Net as well as follow the individual playlists.

There have literally been thousands of people involved in recording and producing the many songs listed on these web pages, but the Editor wishes to thank Bono in particular for starting him on this Psalm musical journey back in 1984 with ’40′.

Sons of Korah currently have the most songs on these web pages, so special thanks to Matthew Jacoby and his team for their music, and Ian White is a close second in number of Psalm songs documented on these webpages. Both Matthew and Ian have been particularly inspiring with their own mammoth personal efforts and great gifting in putting many of these ancient Psalms to modern music. Their individual contributions, supported by their own teams, are in the Editor’s opinion both remarkable and greatly inspiring. Jason Silver also deserves a special mention due to his complete volume of Psalm songs now available, of which many have been listed on this site. Ian, Matthew and Jason’s work, along with the work of the many others collated below, continues to be life changing for those who choose to listen, ponder, meditate upon their music, and probe deeper into the Biblical source of these Psalms. Psalms Reborn is another monumental complete collection of Psalms put to modern music worthy of specific mention as well (which PsalmsRock.Net only recently discovered!).

Intuitively it will be obvious to the website visitor that there are many Psalms that have been put to modern music that have not been presented on these webpages, and omission of these is not meant to cause any offence to anyone. However, a large range of different musicians have been chosen to be included on PsalmsRock.Net, so website visitors are encouraged to look further afield to the repertoire of those linked on these webpages, and to other musicians as well. The PsalmsRock.Net collection is not intended to be exclusive, but clearly is limited by the nature of the website.

These songs are each best listened to with a Bible open (or online Bible link e.g. NIV). PsalmsRock.Net visitors are encouraged to ponder, amongst other things, how the various musician(s) have interpreted the various contexts and styles of these old writings with their modern music. We are greatly blessed to have these 150 Psalms passed down to us over several thousand years – but we have lost their original music. Hence, it is inspiring to listen to what modern day composers and artists have used their talents to put together for us all to benefit from.

How can I contribute?

This website is designed to be dynamic, and the contents therein will no doubt change with time. Each year, many more individual recorded Psalms will appear for purchase direct from the artist or online. Therefore, PsalmsRock.Net website visitors are encouraged to email any new website Psalm link suggestions regarding any new Psalm songs as and when they become available. The over-riding aim of PsalmsRock.Net is to help people achieve the aims set out in Matthew 22.37, Colossians 3.16 and Psalm 119.11.

PsalmsRock.Net is a not for profit website. If website visitors would like to contribute financially to this work then it is suggested that they channel their funds directly to the artists presented, or try and attend their concerts, bringing others along as well, and/or support the various artists directly via their own online websites, as they are the ones who have provided these great works for our benefit.